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by Bas at 11:29 PM
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Hi all,

I am sure most of you are already aware of the current situation with Minecraft servers and Mojang blacklisting servers that are not compliant - If you are not aware of the situation: Mojang will be blocking servers who are selling advantages to players directly (Pay to win servers).

As you might have noticed, I have disabled the entire webshop as of right now with a message about the EULA that Mojang is now enforcing.
I can tell you all that Snapcraft will become EULA compliant and even though I do not like how Mojang is handling the situation, I am actually a supporter of the EULA and not quite a big fan of pay to win servers.
Everyone will be keeping their ranks, But anything pay to win attached to the ranks will be replaced with other perks that do not give advantage over other players - Basically anything that gives you a direct advantage over other players purchased with money will be removed/replaced with something that does not.

We will be replacing or removing...
by Maarten at 9:42 PM
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Thanks everyone for voting this month, Here are the top voters!
The top 5 voters have received a mail on HUB 3 with a $20 voucher code which can be used at yourpurchases.net (Use /mail read in HUB 3 to see the server mail)
This voucher can only be used once and expires in one month.

[​IMG] 1. black_mits 177 votes
[​IMG] 2. Bunny_Rabbits 174 votes
[​IMG] 3. bub5 173 votes
[​IMG] 4. Aivisbersin123 168 votes
[​IMG] 5. ...
by Maarten at 10:51 PM
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Hello Snapcrafters!

We wish everyone a happy Easter!

To celebrate Easter, we're holding a massive 55% Sale on all ranks/items at www.snapcraft.net/store when you use coupon code: EASTER

We also have new Staff member changes. First of all, congratulations to our newest Admins DaPolarBear and Bob2108. Secondly, congratulations to our newest Mods Danneh__, Lenpaiii_ and iBearrr! We've also added a two new Helpers to the team! So wish them good luck, and give a warm welcome to black_mits and WackyPigeon! And last, but not least, we’ve added BakedCornBread and Albino_Duck as our latest addition to the...
by Maarten at 1:40 PM
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Thanks everyone for voting this month, Here are the top voters!
The top 5 voters have received a mail on HUB 2 with a $20 voucher code which can be used at yourpurchases.net (Use /mail read in HUB 2 to see the server mail)
This voucher can only be used once and expires in one month.

[​IMG] 1. black_mits 170 votes
[​IMG] 2. Bunny_Rabbits 161 votes
[​IMG] 3. EatFish 151 votes
[​IMG] 4. Smognoggler 147 votes
[​IMG] 5. ...
by Maarten at 6:39 PM
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Good day to all Snapcrafters!

We have reworked Factions with a new bigger map with amazing custom biomes!. We also added a brand new shop system consisting of every single Minecraft block. Huge thanks to @Bas for the shop, if you see him online be sure to give him a huge thank you. There are now a total of 5 different type of crates: Common, Uncommon, Vote, Rare and Legendary(Coming soon).
These are the most notable changes:
  • Reward Panda (Be sure to claim some nice rewards everyday!)
  • Completely new spawn, major thanks to all the builders
  • A grand total of 30 custom enchants, these are obtainable by enchanting as you would normally enchant items and are random.
  • New auction system added to avoid chat spam
  • Random Teleport now has a 15 minute cooldown but has a bigger range
  • We have removed the god apples from the rank kits to make pvp a lot more fun and fair
  • A new kit guest has been added on a 12 hour cooldown
  • New Factions plugin,...
by Maarten at 2:15 PM
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Hello all my fellow Snapcraftians!

To celebrate Valentine's day, we're holding a 50% Sale on all items at www.snapcraft.net/store when you use coupon code: LOVE

We hope everyone will have a lovely Valentine's day!

This sale lasts until February 22nd

We have reworked Parkour with a new grand total of 28 maps! You can now unlock warps for each level. Have you made it through all the levels yet? If so, have you found all of the hidden secrets yet? Let us know in the comments. We will be adding special EXP rewards for completing levels soon. We will also add a brand new timing system in the near future. We also added a new rank on Parkour called PRO this rank will unlock the following:

  • /TP <name> (Teleports you the specified player).
  • Unlock access to all the Pets in the cosmetics chest.
  • Unlock access to all the Morphs in the cosmetics chest...
by Maarten at 1:38 PM
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Hello everyone!

We have some very recent and sad news about our Creative server. Unfortunately, our plot database for Creative has been corrupted, meaning that all previous plot data has been lost and that we are forced to reset Creative to fix this issue. In English, this means that any plots that you may have previously had in Creative will be lost. We are deeply sorry for this inconvenient event and hope that you will understand.

Although this situation is an unwanted one, we have taken full opportunity of it by expanding the plot sizes to 75 by 75 blocks, and we hope to also implement new in-game features soon such as particles, sitting and loads of other cool features!

Status update
Map is 100% loaded and the server is now up.
by Maarten at 10:36 PM
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It has been some time since I publicly posted updates, which will be happening more often from now on. Here follows a list of changes that have been made.

- Cosmetics added
- Added keys for voting in the hub
- Added a Memorial for Legendary staff

- Builders now have access to vanish.
- Re-Added Rainbow Armour(/ra)
- Re-Added Colored chat this work by prefixing messages using &4<message>

- Re-Added McMMO parties(Dungeons no longer overwrites /party)
- Hologram at dungeons add explaining /dparty

- Replaced old Anti-Cheat by newer and better on similar to Kit PvP
- All EG servers run 1.8.8 now
- Ranks bought on EG should now be instant in all servers

Kit PvP: