by Bas at 2:45 AM
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From now on, We will be giving out rewards to the top 5 voters every month!
The 5 players with the highest voting points will receive €20 webshop coupon codes!
Your receive voting points by (obviously) voting!

Good luck to everyone this month, You can see the top voters on the website sidebar or by typing /topvotes in-game!

Click here to start voting.
by Bas at 12:45 PM
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Hey everone,

As most of you know, we already have doubled the players on the server and we are working to increase that!
The first thing that's important now, is to get connected with all of the players and make some friends!

Obviously, The first thing that will come to your mind is by chatting in game, Adding players on skype and playing together - But trust me, We make it way easier for you to connect with people!

The most commonly used way to connect with the players and staff on the server is through the forums! Just create an account and start checking out what everyone has to show, Or show and talk about something yourself!

We also offer a Teamspeak server that everyone can join for free!
Teamspeak is pretty much like skype, But everyone can join and leave in a room whenever they like!
Get teamspeak:
Connect to IP:
by Bas at 7:41 PM
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Hey everyone,

All of our servers except ZombieV (And Survival Sponges) are UUID / Name changing compatible.
One important notice: If you change your name, And play survival, REMOVE your sponges FIRST so you can place them again later on.
This is required because the sponge saves your username and not your UUID, This will be fixed as soon as possible.
Another important notice: If you change your name, Your rank will be lost in ZombieV, ZombieV will be reworked soon though to support UUID's - Currently (as most of you already know) the ZombieV development has been halted.
Do not worry though, If you have patience, You can change your name and post later on if you lost your ZombieV rank (When zombieV is UUID compatible)

On another note, For those who don't know:
- Hungergames is back with 7 brand new maps, A statistics system, coins per-win and a coin shop
- KitPVP has been reworked with a new map, gangs, bounty system and more
- Factions has been reset...
by Bas at 4:10 PM
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I didn't quite like the old website layout anymore, and I've never liked the default xenforo smileys so I've updated both of those.

Enjoy :):grin::diamond::v:poop:
by Bas at 11:26 AM
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Hi everyone,

The downloads page on the website has returned and I will soon be adding the Snapcraft skins back on there.
For now, Snapshot ( is added to the downloads list.

You might have seen the image-urls, And those are created with the SnapShot app made for Snapcraft.

You can download the app at, Please use it to share images on the website or when reporting players, this is easier then using the default Minecraft screenshot feature which is full-screen.
by Aaron at 2:07 AM
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Hey guys!

Had a small maintenance today for survival where we fixed some issues.

Skills: They're back! We finally got the bug fixed, so the skills plugin is back up and running in the server.

Quests: There were a lot of bugs coming out of this. Unfortunately (or fortunately) and out of our control, all quest processes and progress has been reset! This means, all your quest-points are now 0, and you've done no quests. This also means that all quests are now open to be re-done.

Also, the command to quit a quest has updated. now, to quit a quest, you must include the name of the quest:
/quests quit [name] --- for example: /quests quit Finding Nemo


EDIT Nov 1: Quests have been temporarily removed once again due to more bugs. We're doing what we can with the developers to fix it. Thank you for your patience.
by Aaron at 7:24 PM
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Hey guys!

Time for another megathread for our most recent staff team changes!

Firstly, congratulations to our newest admin, Lozlpowzah! He's been working really hard these past few months, so if you see him in-game, make sure to congratulate him.

Also, congratulations to our new moderators, JaideHellspur and Yampy!

Further expanding our staff team are our new Helpers! They applied a couple months ago, and we've finally been able to add them into the staff team. Good luck, and we look forward in seeing you all in our staff team!

Finally, we say goodbye to many staff members, who have left us over the course of these few months. Although this is long-awaited for a couple of the members, we just want to make sure they are recognized for their contribution to the staff...
by Lozlpowzah at 12:41 PM
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Hey Snapcraft!

Thought I'd make this thread to prevent other threads.
Just a quick note on Survival, you may have noticed that your skills have gone. Do not fear! They'll be back eventually. They're just temporarily removed due to some bugs/exploits.
Also, the sell price for cactus & sugar cane has been set to 0, until a duping glitch gets fixed. (This also applies to Factions)
That's pretty much it. Any questions? Leave them below and I'll answer to the best of my ability!

by Bas at 9:55 AM
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Direct payments through PayPal are finally possible again!
The easiest payment gateway has been added to our webshop for everyone to use.

On another note; Instead of the store URL is now

To celebrate PayPal being available again;
Payments made through PayPal cost 10% LESS THIS WEEK!
by Maarten at 1:45 AM
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Hello everybody,
You may have noticed that you've lost your rank. Well, just to make it clear, we're aware of the issue.
So, you might be wondering, what caused this? Well, as you are most likely aware. Minecraft Version 1.8 was released this week and we want to update the server, however ranks wasn't something that would update as smoothly as we would have hoped.
So, this is what we're going to do.. If you personally have lost your rank. Please leave a comment below listing your in-game name and the server name(s)

Name: Player1
Servers I've lost my rank: Factions (Titan), Creative (Master), Kitpvp (Warrior)

Just to be clear on this, leaving us incorrect ranks will lead to an indefinite punishment. We can verify if that rank is what you had previously, so there's no point trying.

Also, in the process, Ender Chests and player inventories have reset on some specific servers. We're deeply sorry, but there isn't anything we can do about that....