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The top 5 voters of the month receive a $20 webshop voucher. Use the buttons to vote.

Snapcraft Summer Sale
It’s time for summer savings! To celebrate the start of summer we are having a 45% off sale on all ranks/items at www.snapcraft.net/store.

ZombieV Return
The wait is over!
Zombie V has returned!

ZombieV is back with an awesome new look, fun and exciting new waves, and challenging new bosses.

Visit the new blacksmith villager who has artifact quality weapons and armor that can shake the ground and send mobs flying, create a sphere of fire to roast surrounding enemies, protect you from poison, deflect enemy fire, restore your health, increase your luck and so much more!
In addition, there is a broad selection of new shop items, weapons, armor, and other specialized items available that will help you defeat your opponents.

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- BETA Only Pet - Applied after Beta Ends
- BETA Only Sword Skin - Applied after Beta Ends
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- Includes VIP rank
You also receive the following VIP perks as part of the Early Access:
- VIP Only Pet
- VIP Only Sword Skin
- VIP Only Bow Skin
- VIP prefix in chat
- VIP prefix in tablist
- Join full server
- The ability to talk in colors
- Access to VIP only cosmetics
- /nick [Desired name] (Changes your name)
- /invsee (Check other people to see their amazing gear)
Go to www.snapcraft.net/beta to get your BETA ACCESS today!


Friends is a new feature on Snapcraft! Find your friends easily by doing the command /friend
You can add (or remove) friends easily through the GUI menu or by typing /friend add <name> or /friend remove <name>.
You can now message your friends on different Snapcraft servers with /fmsg <name> or rally all...

Thanks everyone for voting this month, Here are the top voters!
The top 5 voters have received a mail on HUB 3 with a $20 voucher code which can be used at yourpurchases.net (Use /mail read in HUB 3 to see the server mail)
This voucher can only be used once and expires in one month.

[​IMG] 1. black_mits 173 votes
[​IMG] 2. Bunny_Rabbits 164 votes
[​IMG] 3. bub5 161 votes
[​IMG] 4. Grizzlebear19 154 votes
[​IMG] 5. CurrentlyMining 153 votes
Hello Snapcrafters!

We wish everyone a happy Easter!

To celebrate Easter, we're holding a massive 55% Sale on all ranks/items at www.snapcraft.net/store when you use coupon code: EASTER

We also have new Staff member changes. First of all, congratulations to our newest Admins DaPolarBear and Bob2108. Secondly, congratulations to our newest Mods Danneh__, Lenpaiii_ and iBearrr! We've also added a two new Helpers to the team! So wish them good luck, and give a warm welcome to black_mits and WackyPigeon! And last, but not least, we’ve added BakedCornBread and Albino_Duck as our latest addition to the Snapcraft build team, and luke199 and Minstrol as part of our development team!

  • Fixed fishing rods.
  • Fixed Rare sword from the Rare crate in Factions which had Fortune instead of Looting.
  • Numerous changes to the shop to prevents dupes.
  • Added usable crafting tables at Factions spawn.
  • You can no longer claim in the top of the Nether (Factions).
  • Changed the way chat is handled in Skyblock so players can talk more.
  • Editing redstone and item frames etc....