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Hey guys!

Inspired for a new update we have decide to work on KitPVP as it is needing some love and attention, This thread will be used to get ideas and suggestions for what we can do with KitPVP and as a main discussion area for the update!

Clan system

I have been looking at introducing a new clan system into the server which will be a twist to the PVP experience with your friends, Currently planned for this is:

- Kill to Death ratio (K/D)
Once a player has joined a call all your kills and deaths will be recorded, All kills will not be equal as Killing a member of a enemy clan (1.0), Neutral clan (0.75), New player (0.50), Each player will have a Kill to Death ratio that is calculated and added to them, This is the ratio between your kills and deaths (Kills divided by deaths) This can be used to show a players skill.

- Inactivity
When a new player creates a clan they will have basic features such as no vitals, stats etc and they will not show on any of...
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Hey Snapcraft!

Thought I'd make this thread to prevent other threads.
Just a quick note on Survival, you may have noticed that your skills have gone. Do not fear! They'll be back eventually. They're just temporarily removed due to some bugs/exploits.
Also, the sell price for cactus has been set to 0, until a duping glitch gets fixed. (This also applies to Factions)
That's pretty much it. Any questions? Leave them below and I'll answer to the best of my ability!

by Bas at 9:55 AM
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Direct payments through PayPal are finally possible again!
The easiest payment gateway has been added to our webshop for everyone to use.

On another note; Instead of the store URL is now

To celebrate PayPal being available again;
Payments made through PayPal cost 10% LESS THIS WEEK!
by Maarten at 1:45 AM
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Hello everybody,
You may have noticed that you've lost your rank. Well, just to make it clear, we're aware of the issue.
So, you might be wondering, what caused this? Well, as you are most likely aware. Minecraft Version 1.8 was released this week and we want to update the server, however ranks wasn't something that would update as smoothly as we would have hoped.
So, this is what we're going to do.. If you personally have lost your rank. Please leave a comment below listing your in-game name and the server name(s)

Name: Player1
Servers I've lost my rank: Factions (Titan), Creative (Master), Kitpvp (Warrior)

Just to be clear on this, leaving us incorrect ranks will lead to an indefinite punishment. We can verify if that rank is what you had previously, so there's no point trying.

Also, in the process, Ender Chests and player inventories have reset on some specific servers. We're deeply sorry, but there isn't anything we can do about that....
by Aaron at 7:47 PM
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Hello all!

A couple of changes have been made to the staff team again, and I'm here to thank those who are leaving the team for their service as Snapcraft Staff and welcome those who have recently joined us.

Firstly, we would like to say goodbye to a couple of staff members. As before, either by their own decision or through the decision of Senior Staff, these members are leaving the staff team. We would like to thank the following players for their time as staff and their help on the server:


We would also like to welcome luke199 as our developer. He's a very talented individual, who has been working many endless nights creating and updating plugins for the server to use. If you see him, make sure you welcome him!

Although it has been a long while, we would also like to...
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Hey Snapcraft,

The staff team have been thinking that it's time to change up the purchased rank names on the Snapcraft Survival Server. Above is a poll in which you may cast your vote for which ranking system you would prefer. Please note that this is just a suggestion poll to hear your voice, and the one that has the most votes may not be the one chosen.

The poll will be closed in a week, June 9th, 2014, and the results would be tallied. The rank names would be changed shortly after that.

Choose wisely!
by Nikki3point0 at 11:02 PM
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Please note: the Staff have not officially decided to create a modded minecraft server. This is just to gauge whether the community is interested in something like that.

This thread is to see how many people in the Snapcraft community would be interested in a modded minecraft experience, hosted through Snapcraft.

Examples of which include:
  • Any feed-the-beast pack (FTB Unleashed, FTB Unhinged, FTB Ultimate, Mindcrack, and more!)
  • Any technic pack (Attack of the B-team, Tekkit, Hexxit, Galacticraft, and more!)
  • Or a hand-picked mod-pack set with various mods chosen by staff.
Vote on the poll or post below! :)

If you have a mod-pack that you love to play, mention it below! (but remember, no server IPs ;))

Should the community be interested in a modded minecraft experience, what will most likely happen is that the staff would meet and discuss which mods would serve best for this community. Not all mods an a set modpack would be...
by Bas at 1:38 PM
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Our support email was revamped today.
It is running on new mail servers which allows us to answer much faster then before.

Important: If you know anyone (Or if you did) who sent an email to [email protected] before 7 April tell them it will not be answered, Instead tell them to send an email again and it will be answered fast(er).

If you require any assist from either Maarten or I, send us an email to [email protected], It is not only limited to payment inquiries anymore, You can also use it for personal or business contact.

Do not send more then ONE EMAIL every 3 DAYS or your mail account will be marked as spam and you will not receive a reply.

Limit your emails to the following:
  • Payment Inquiries
  • Business Contact
  • CRITICAL Bugs Or Glitches
  • Important questions
  • Server X is down for more then 30 minutes!
Do NOT email
  • Players breaking the rules (Report those here:...
by Bas at 1:25 PM
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There have been tons of requests for TeamSpeak for Snapcraft.
So I present you.. Our TeamSpeak server!


What is TeamSpeak?
TeamSpeak is like Skype, You can talk to people and chat with people.
The difference is: in TeamSpeak you join a public room where everyone connects and you don't have to add each other, Its just straight up joining -> chatting!

Use those options to connect.

How do I join?
First you need TeamSpeak, Its an application/program just like Skype.
Download it here:
Once installed, Open up the program, Click 'Connect' and as IP fill in '' you don't have to fill in a password and you can choose your own nickname

Hope to have a chat with you guys on there some time!